Self sufficiency in the garden

Here are some great ways of saving money in your garden. Ever thought you might like to grow your own veg, or keep chickens? Here are some fun, easy-start ideas for beginners. Total self sufficiency may be some way off, but we all have to start somewhere, and there are lots of things you can do to begin making your garden productive as well as decorative straight away!

Homegrown tomato recipes

If you have a number of tomato plants and they are fruiting beautifully, there’s a risk that your supply might outstrip demand.  Sometimes you get lots ripening all at once and you just can’t eat them fast enough.  Well, there are a number of things you can do to preserve your tomatoes, so when you’ve […]


Cheap recipes – butternut squash risotto

Using vegetables as a base for your recipes instead of meat can save lots of money on your weekly food bill, and if you’ve grown the vegetables yourself, even better!  My eldest son, who is a university student and living on a tight budget, is always on the lookout for easy, cheap recipes.  He makes […]


Grow your own veg – which veg?

To grow your own veg is a fantastic money-saving idea, with the obvious benefits that you will have a plentiful supply of tasty, nutritious, organic vegetables throughout the year – great for your health as well as your wallet!  So, now you’ve got your plot, your ground is prepared and you’re ready to go.  That’s […]


Grow your own veg – getting started

Choosing a spot for your vegetables   Growing your own vegetables is one of the most obvious ways of saving money, and is something that nearly all of us can do, even if you have little or no garden.  Yes, really! You just need to have a sunny spot, near a source of water (i.e. […]