How to save water and reduce your bill

Saving water

If you are not currently using a water meter for your water bills, your first job is to find out if you could save money by switching – you could be saving up to £200 a year over a non-metered bill, so it’s worth the effort to check.  Simply go to to do a […]


Energy conservation – save money on heating

Saving money on heating and hot water

Heating your home and your hot water are two of the greatest energy expenses you will have.  There are a number of easy energy saving tips to reduce your bill without ending up with icicles inside your windows this winter! Energy conservation is a great way of saving money whilst helping to save the planet! […]


Energy conservation – reduce your energy bills

Energy saving light bulb

There are many, many ways of reducing the cost of your electricity bills this year, methods of energy conservation from the very simple to the more elaborate.  Here’s a list of energy saving tips and ideas for easy things that we can all do on a daily basis.  Forgive us for including some ideas that […]