Top Ways to Save Money For This Christmas

Christmas is a time for friendship, family, food and warming yourself by the fire – but unfortunately it can all come with quite a hefty price tag. The perfect Christmas doesn’t always come cheap once you start adding up the costs of the presents, mince pies, wine, stocking fillers for the kids, Secret Santa at work, the sparkly dress for the office’s Christmas party, the shoes that go with the sparkly dress, and not to mention the prize-winning fifteen-pound turkey that needs to go in at 5am.

But nobody wants to really scrimp and save at Christmas either; it should be a time for a little extravagance and luxury – so here are 5 easy tricks for cutting costs where you can and having a great Christmas without the fear of a very bleak January

1. Plan ahead

By planning ahead you will be able to stay in control when it comes to your accounts – how far ahead you want to start planning is up to you and it depends on how extravagant you want your Christmas to be, but generally speaking you’ll probably want to be thinking about this at least a month or so in advance. Maybe you will want to start putting a little money aside each week for presents, or perhaps start stocking the larder now so you’re almost there by the time the family arrive. By being a little frugal now you can afford to really indulge when it comes to Christmas – so keep telling yourself to watch the pennies and the pounds really will look after themselves.

2. Take the pressure off the presents

The odds are that if you’re feeling a bit pinched for Christmas presents, so is everyone else. Talk to your friends and family about organising another system for giving gifts this year, you’ll probably find everyone will be happy for a little less pressure on the present-giving front! Consider a Secret Santa between friends, or setting prices for the adults’ presents. Why not team up with other members of your family to buy a present for someone? This way you will have more money collected to give a gift you may not be able to afford on your own – not to mention another head to think up great ideas!

3. Write a present list

By writing a list of who you are going to buy a present for and how much you would like to spend on each present, you are able to account for everyone and everything. By setting yourself a budget you can curtail any big, unexpected expenses and you will know (almost) how much money you are going to spend on presents for others.

4. Be organised with your shopping

This trick can cover you for buying presents as well as buying the Christmas food shop. Search online for the best deals on Christmas presents. You can also find hundreds of voucher codes online, so you can get discounts on your shopping. Spend any gift vouchers you might have lying around at home. Use the points on your loyalty cards in your supermarket, lots of people save their points all year round ready for the expense of Christmas, and the points you’ve earned can really go a long way. Similarly, keep a keen eye out for supermarket vouchers, as many of the big brands put out a lot of vouchers in the festive season to tempt you through their doors, so take advantage of this!

5. Don’t let money troubles ruin your Christmas

As we all know Christmas can be an expensive time of year – If it’s not the kids it’s the cousins, nephews, nieces or parents. This can be a strain so be sure to keep a close eye on outgoings and incomings. Devise lists of potential costs and be sure to account for the unexpected. For some, the season comes at an inconvenient time but don’t let this hinder your enjoyment, there are many affordable bank loans and overdrafts available. If you suffer from a poor credit rating it might be worth considering a short-term loan in anticipation for payday, allowing you to make the most of the season.

6. Be creative

Christmas can be a time to get crafty. Try making Christmas gifts for people – get the sewing machine out and make cushion covers or pyjamas as gifts. Make up a delicious batch of chutney or marmalade for your friends. Why not get everyone to bring a dish to Christmas dinner? This will save you a little time and money, as well as getting everyone involved in making Christmas a great day.

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